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Winifred McLean
Oval Tennis, Inc.
Westchester, NY
Tel: (914) 248-6825
Oval Tennis

I have been surfacing tennis courts for 23 years and this is the best product by far we have ever used! We love it our customers love it and finally cracks are gone for a very long time!

Lance Laurent
Pro Track and Tennis, Inc.
Omaha, NE
Tel: (402) 238-2900

Rick Falcon
Southeastern Tennis Courts
Atlanta, GA
Tel: (770) 921-0434

The ARMOR® Crack Repair system has been a big part of our business. We started using the ARMOR® system when it went on the market and have had great success with the system. Some of the ARMOR® repairs we installed in the first few years is still in place.
It's great to be able to repair cracks and feel comfortable the clients will be happy with your work for many years. The success of the ARMOR® repairs develops repeat business when new cracks develop on our past jobs. We will continue to use the ARMOR® Crack repair system.

Kurt Vollherbst
Kurt's Kourts
West Trenton, NJ
Tel: (609) 737-1862

Marshall Dye
Court Makers, Inc.
Marietta, GA
Tel: (770) 795-8400

Matt Hale
Bridgewater, NJ
Tel: (732) 302-1234

Copeland Coating has been using ARMOR® Crack Repair for 15 years. Our Sales Managers love it because it is a proven product and easy to sell. Our crews love it because it is easy to use, and our customers love it because they have a hard time even finding it after it is installed, so they know it works.

Michael Edgerton
Copeland Coating Company, Inc.
Nassau, NY
Tel: (518) 766-2932

Tom Benz
Oval Tennis, Inc.
Westchester, NY
Tel: (914) 248-6825
Oval Tennis

Carl Gedeon
Industrial Surface Sealer, Inc.
Cleaveland, OH
Tel: (216) 341-2662

When I first learned about ARMOR®, I was skeptical about it. We had been burned in the past by the next latest and greatest tennis court crack repair systems. After further investigating about this system I decided to give it a try. Our first experience with ARMOR® was on a local school system that takes a lot of pride in their courts. I was hesitant about going back to look at the courts in the spring after a hard winter. To my surprise, not one crack failed. What a system. I have been sold on the ARMOR® system since. We have been installing this system for the last 10 years and we have yet to have one failure. I will recommend ARMOR® to anyone that wants a proven product that will not let them down. The people at ARMOR® are also great with customer service. Any time I have had a question, someone was around with the answer or solution I was needing. I will not use any other crack repair system on tennis courts. Keep up the good work!!!

Rick Baker
Richland Sealcoating Co., Inc.
Mansfield, OH
Tel: ()419) 529-5524

Advantage Tennis has nearly installed 20 miles of the ARMOR® Crack Repair System since 2002. We have yet to have a product failure. We are so pleased with the ARMOR® Crack Repair System and outstanding customer service, that we would not even consider using any other product. Thanks Dan and Ellen...

Ray Desilets
Advantage Tennis
Saint Johnsbury, VT
Tel: (800) 550-2226
Advantage Tennis

We have been using ARMOR® for over 8 years. Lancaster asphalt has done tens of thousands of feet with this product and have had great success with it. My customers are amazed that 5 to 8 years later repaired areas are still going strong.

Wesley Powers
Lancaster Asphalt Systems Inc.
Lititz, PA
Tel: (717) 627-3911
Lancaster Asphalt Systems

We have been very successful using the ARMOR® crack repair system over the years. We are confident to recommend it to our customers. Order deliveries are fast and efficient.

Jon Joyce
Joyce Construction Company, Inc.
Saunderstown, RI
Tel: (401) 295-8140
Joyce Construction

Great Stuff! I have been using ARMOR® Crack for 10 years or more and am very happy with the results. My customers are happy and that is number one for me. I have seen other systems on various jobs and all seem to have failed for one reasons or another. I' m sticking with best. ARMOR® Crack

Len Pisano
Mainline Tennis Company
Schwenksville, PA
Tel: (610) 247-7444
Mainline Tennis Compan

2016 will be our 40th year in the Tennis Court maintenance and construction business. Regarding silk purses from sow's ears. ARMOR® is the state of the art as far as cracks maintenance techniques go. With over 7,000 courts resurfaced, we've seen and/or tried most of it. Minnesota is an ultra challenging environment ( + 115 F to – 30 F ) and we're always looking for better and the best. ARMOR® is an important partner in TENNIS WEST's facing the crack maintenance challenge, in the Upper Midwest.

Ray Finley, Pres., Finley Bros. Inc. dba TENNIS WEST, Hopkins, MN
Tel: (952) 933-8272
Tel: (401) 295-8140

I have been installing ARMOR® Crack Repair System for 15 years and it is the best crack repair I have ever used. It holds up great and the repair lasts.

John T. Hentschel, Hentco Tennis Court Specialists, Traverse City, MI
Tel: (231) 941-1727

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